School Case Studies

#BeeWell schools have begun to share with us how they have used their own data to make positive changes in the school. Read some of these case studies below.

Falinge Park High School

Falinge Park High School, Rochdale, have told #BeeWell how the data has been used to measure the impact of interventions put in place following the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Greater Manchester School One

In this case study, a large, mainstream school shares their experiences taking part in #BeeWell and how the survey results allowed them to celebrate the strengths and work on the challenges.

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Greater Manchester School Two

An anonymous independent school shares with us how young people in the school got involved in interpreting their #BeeWell data and responding to the findings.

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Greater Manchester School Three

A school based in Trafford, Greater Manchester, tells us about how they responded to the loneliness data in their #BeeWell school reports.

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Portsmouth Grammar School

Portsmouth Grammar School, an Independent School share the benefits to their school by participating.

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Saint Ambrose College

Saint Ambrose College, Trafford, share how they discussed their #BeeWell findings on discrimination with young people, to shape the response to the data.

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Saint John Henry Newman Catholic College

In this case-study, Saint John Henry Newman Catholic College, Oldham, shared with #BeeWell how they have worked to embed their response to the survey results into multiple aspects of school life.

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St Swithun's School

St Swithun's Girls School, Winchester share their experience of their first year of the #BeeWell programme in their school.

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See this video from school leaders and other figures in Greater Manchester on the importance of taking part in the survey!