About us

#BeeWell is a youth-centred programme led by The University of Manchester, The Gregson Family Foundation and Anna Freud. Together with our partners, we listen to the voices of young people, act together for change and celebrate young people’s wellbeing.

About #BeeWell

Learn more about what we do at #BeeWell, why we do it, and what we want to achieve.  

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Our Mission

#BeeWell believes that young people’s wellbeing is as important as their academic attainment. 

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Young People

Explore the many ways that young people shape the #BeeWell programme. 


Schools play a key role in delivering #BeeWell and acting to improve young people’s wellbeing.  

Coalition of Partners

Our committed coalition of partners range from local community organisations to national players.

What wellbeing means

Wellbeing can mean lots of different things, but what does it mean to young people? 

#BeeWell's Founding Partners