Sharing and publishing the findings of our research team is essential to make young people’s wellbeing everybody’s business and to identify collaborative solutions that really work 


Our researchers analyse the data from the annual #BeeWell survey to extract insights, identify trends and make informed recommendations on areas for further investigation or intervention that could have a positive impact on young people’s wellbeing. 

#BeeWell researchers regularly publish their work in high-profile academic journals, to share their findings with the global academic community. Our research papers raise the profile of #BeeWell, attract funding to the field and highlight important issues surrounding young people’s wellbeing.   

Recent research papers cover topics including gender identity and sexual orientation inequalities, loneliness, bullying and the influence of neighbourhoods on wellbeing. 

#BeeWell Reports & Briefings

This page contains the link to all #BeeWell Reports & Briefings published so far, including:

  • #BeeWell Headline Findings Report 2022
  • #BeeWell Overview Briefing: 2021 Headline Findings
  • Inequalities Evidence Briefing
  • Young Researcher Programme report
  • Relationships Evidence Briefing
  • EPI #BeeWell report

#BeeWell Research Papers

View this page to find summaries and record of research papers authored by the University of Manchester #BeeWell team, or that use the #BeeWell data.

#BeeWell Blog

Read blog posts published by the #BeeWell team or blogs written about the programme.

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