Three years into a 10-year plan, we’re making great headway. Since 2021 we’ve listened to the voices of more than 85,000 young people, acted on the data together with our partners and resolutely improved young people’s wellbeing. That’s something to celebrate. But we still have work to do. 

Young people

Explore the ways that young people are making an impact through the #BeeWell programme.


Schools play a key role in acting to improve young people’s wellbeing, find out how they have responded to #BeeWell data.  

Coalition of partners

Our coalition of partners also use the #BeeWell data to improve young people’s wellbeing.  

National Policy

By 2030 #BeeWell aims to create a public policy agenda for young people that gives equal weight to attainment and wellbeing – find out more about how #BeeWell is starting to influence a national policy agenda.


Progress Reports

Our #BeeWell progress reports published from October 2021 onwards can be accessed here.



Learn more here about evaluation and monitoring activities undertaken by our partner, Renaisi.


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