Coalition of Partners

We want to make young people’s wellbeing everybody’s business. That means every section of society has a responsibility towards our young people – not just schools.

Young people’s wellbeing depends on collaboration across communities, businesses, the voluntary sector, the health sector, government and schools to take collective action that will give young people new opportunities, empower them to act and support them to thrive.  

#BeeWell’s coalition of partners respond to our survey data, and work together to improve the wellbeing of young people. As part of an influential group of local and national organisations, each of our partners is committed to:



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Our coalition partners range from local community organisations focused on neighbourhood impact, to campaigners and charities, and government bodies who can influence policy on a national level.

Thinking of joining us?

If you think your group or organisation could contribute to the wellbeing of young people, join our coalition and become part of a movement for real change.

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