Our evaluation partner, Renaisi, help us understand our impact and make improvements to strengthen our work.

Our shared values made Renaisi the perfect evaluation and monitoring partner for #BeeWell, both striving for social change with a focus on collaboration. They have supported us in various ways:


In June 2022, a year one operational report gathered feedback from participating schools, indicating that overall, schools found the survey a positive and useful experience. It revealed that an encouraging 39% of schools were planning to make changes following the survey to address the wellbeing of their students.

Ahead of our expansion into Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, Renaisi also supported us with a scoping exercise to determine viability.

Most recently, they conducted a stakeholder survey to help us understand our impact among coalition partners. The survey gathered insights into how organisations are using the neighbourhood dashboard, exploring in-depth engagement with the dashboard, the data, and the #BeeWell programme as a whole.

We incorporate all feedback into development of the #BeeWell programme, and look forward to further evaluation to facilitate continuous improvement.


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