How schools are responding

Schools play a key role in using the #BeeWell data to deliver targeted actions. Interacting with young people on a daily basis means they are well placed to respond appropriately and achieve the best results for their community. 

We work side by side schools to ensure they have information and support to make a difference to the wellbeing of their students.

#BeeWell provides participating schools with a confidential school-level dashboard that gives clear insights into the wellbeing of their students, enables anonymous comparisons with similar schools and informs school improvement plans.

In addition, the Child Outcomes Research Consortium (part of Anna Freud) provides bespoke one-to-one sessions to support schools to interpret their results and identify pathways for action.

Schools have embedded #BeeWell data into their wellbeing plans and implemented a range of improvements to wellbeing, including: 


Offering a greater variety of extracurricular activities to boost physical activity

Enhancing the nutritional value of food provision

Strengthening the school-pupil connection

Improving school connectedness

& much more!

School case studies

#BeeWell schools have started to share how they have used their data to make positive changes.