Renaisi conduct pilot stakeholder survey, sharing insights on using the #BeeWell Neighbourhood Dashboard

During the summer, our evaluation and monitoring partners Renaisi conducted a pilot stakeholder survey to gather initial insights into how organisations are using the neighbourhood dashboard in their work. The survey was circulated to a small number of stakeholders across Greater Manchester, to test ahead of wider circulation later this year.

This survey explores in-depth engagement with the neighbourhood dashboard and data, with future work by Renaisi to look into engagement with the #BeeWell programme as a whole.

In this survey, Renaisi found that:

  • All respondents agreed with the statement ‘I was able to find data that was relevant to my work’.
  • Respondents have already used the #BeeWell neighbourhood data in a variety of ways – from sharing with key stakeholders to informing strategic conversations.
  • Respondents agreed that the neighbourhood dashboard was easy to navigate. However, some found the amount and complexity of the data hard to engage with.
  • Several respondents identified additional guidance on how to engage with or interpret as a key area of support going forward.
  • Reflections on how the neighbourhood dashboard could be improved focused primarily on how the data is presented – both visually and in terms of the geographical level displayed.

Examples of how respondents are using the data include:

“We will use it to support local youth services to undertake needs assessments.” 

“Continue to evaluate the work we do and the impact. Support settings to complete and use this as an annual measure.” 

“Prioritising which schools to work with the increase PA levels” 

Watch this space for the roll-out of the stakeholder survey in coming months, and further reflections from Renaisi on how #BeeWell can work and improve in future years.

View the neighbourhood data dashboard here: #BeeWell Neighbourhood Data Hive (