What to expect from the survey

We know there’s lots that can be done to improve the wellbeing of young people across the UK. The #BeeWell survey helps us listen to your thoughts and feelings on the issues that matter and helps us act to make things better.

You will complete the #BeeWell survey online, at school. The survey will ask about your wellbeing and the things that influence it. There will be key questions about your life, yourself, and your feelings, and you’ll also be asked about your health and routines, hobbies and entertainment, relationships, school, local and home environment, as well as your views on the future. 

The survey is not a test – there are no wrong answers. It’s about understanding how you feel, so just choose the answers that best fit you. Remember, you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, and you can stop taking part at any time. If there are any questions you would rather not answer, just skip them. 

Your parents or carers won’t be able to see your answers, and neither will your school – your responses are completely anonymous. If you feel upset or need support during the survey, please speak to an adult you trust. 

Taking part in the #BeeWell survey is your opportunity to help improve wellbeing for yourself and young people across the country. 

By asking you to complete the #BeeWell survey, your school wants to find out what it can do to support your wellbeing. What you say will be used to make long-term improvements at your school, and in your local area. 

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