The Times Education Commission highlights #BeeWell and recommends a wellbeing survey is rolled out annually in every school

The Times Education Commission has published 12 recommendations for government, after speaking with over 600 experts in different fields.

The report notes the work of the #BeeWell programme and our findings, and delivers a recommendation that “Wellbeing should be at the heart of education, with a counsellor in every school and an annual wellbeing survey of pupils to encourage schools to actively build resilience rather than just support students once problems have arisen.” 

The full report explores this recommendation and details how #BeeWell has begun to survey young people annually in Greater Manchester, with results that are already influencing policy and local community action. #BeeWell provides costings for delivering the annual survey and this recommendation at a national level.

Read more about it, here, and find the full Times Education Commission report, here.