The Fair Education Alliance launch their 2022 Report Card, including the ask that a wellbeing census is rolled out nationally

The Fair Education Alliance, of which #BeeWell are a member organisation, have today launched their 2022 report card, with seven asks they believe will move the dial on educational inequality. The report card looks at the ways we can measure progress in closing the disadvantage gap in education.

We are thrilled #BeeWell is featured in this year’s report card:

Ask #1: Give all young people a rounded education, ensuring that skills and wellbeing are prioritised alongside attainment

What we’re calling for: A national wellbeing census of young people in line with #BeeWell’s 10-year plan to collect and embed rigorous and consistent national data about various aspects of the wellbeing of young people.

Find the full report here, to read all seven bold asks.