Milton Keynes #BeeWell survey


Milton Keynes City Council are working with ImpactEd to adapt and use the #BeeWell survey as part of its commitment to hear from and support young people in Milton Keynes.

 Milton Keynes’ survey is particularly focused on hearing from pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and so they are using the short and symbol #BeeWell surveys to support accessibility and ensure that they are hearing from all pupils in the area. The initial survey has been rolled out to 5 special schools in Milton Keynes in March 2023, and a report on findings has been shared with the council and schools. Some interesting findings are:

·  Pupils in Year 13 scored highly in the wellbeing domains exploring positive feelings, life satisfaction and emotional regulation in the text survey.

·  Female pupils scored slightly higher than their male peers in the symbol based survey.


Findings from the survey will be used by Milton Keynes City Council to target support to young people and schools

 If you would like to find out more, please contact at Milton Keynes City Council or at ImpactEd


ImpactEd is a social enterprise that exists to improve pupil outcomes by addressing the evaluation deficit in education. They currently work with over 1000 schools to help evaluate their impact, learn from it, and prioritise what is working best to improve outcomes for young people. 

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