Havering #BeeWell survey

The London Borough of Havering is working with UCLPartners to locally adapt and use the #BeeWell survey as part of its commitment to amplify the voice of young people in the borough.

The Havering Youth Wellbeing Census was based on the #BeeWell survey and adjusted to cover topics of importance to young people and stakeholders in Havering, including climate change, vaping and travel to school.  

During June and July 2023, 10 schools took part in the census with 2,287 students across year 8 and 10 being surveyed – this equates to 36% of the target demographic.  

The first results from across Havering are now live and available to view via the neighbourhood dashboard with further results to be added over the next few months. The dashboard allows service providers and partners across Havering and beyond to view the responses and find trends. For example, across the borough young people reported not getting enough sleep as a common issue – only 38.5% of females who took part felt they got enough sleep to feel awake and concentrate during the school day. 

Check out the video below to hear from Havering Council members and students and staff from one of the participating schools, Sanders Draper, about the impact of the The Havering Youth Wellbeing Census using the #BeeWell survey…



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