Raising the nation – published today!

If more children thrive – everyone benefits. 

We are excited to share that David Gregson, one of the founding partners of #BeeWell has contributed his expertise to Paul Lindley’s book, Raising the Nation. 

Within the book you will have the opportunity to read essays written by both David Gregson and Janice Allen, former Headteacher at Falinge Park, Rochdale, and member of the #BeeWell Greater Manchester Advisory Board. 

Raising the Nation builds a compelling case showing why we must nurture smart, strong and kind children to one day inherit the stewardship of society. 

David Gregson writes about the background to #BeeWell and the aspirations for 2030. 

“We are determined to create an environment where the voices of young people are heard, where reliable and consistently measured data can drive a broader approach, so that our young people become fulfilled and productive citizens within their own country and within a changing world. They, and we, deserve nothing less.” David Gregson, Raising the Nation 2023 

More information can be found here.