Working together in HIPS

#BeeWell Blog 

In this latest #BeeWell blog, we share details of a recent awareness webinar for youth facing organisations and teams in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton. 

As the survey launches in its first year in HIPS, we are excited to work closely with local organisations to act, listen and celebrate the wellbeing of young people in the region. 

We were joined on the 11 September by 50 people, representing a wide range of organisations to raise awareness of the #BeeWell programme, share thoughts and consider how the results of the survey may be used in the coming year to drive positive change. 

We asked the group by way of an icebreaker, how a picture of a bridge resonated with their organisation and the work of #BeeWell. The insightful responses captured the values and aims of the programme and what we collectively hope to achieve. 

In advance of the results of the data being published in early 2024, we asked partners what themes they may expect to emerge from the data. 


Thank you to those who joined us and contributed – we look forward to re-visiting these themes and comparing them against the data at a coalition event next year. 


If you are interested in becoming a local partner and would like to hear more about the programme, please get in touch