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The wellbeing of young people is not solely the concern of schools. That is why a core element of #BeeWell is using the data produced by the survey to instigate a place-based approach to young people’s wellbeing.

This involves building a coalition of actors who are committed to acting on the results of the surveys. It will entail providing the data at neighbourhood level to committed partners from across the system. For example, this will:

  • empower speech and language therapists in Middleton, or early help workers in Little Hulton, to unpick the data generated about their communities and use it to inform their practice;
  • give Education Directors insights into the neighbourhoods most in need of additional mental health and wellbeing support; and
  • draw on Sir Michael Marmot’s work around health inequalities to sharpen the focus of all actors in Greater Manchester to create the best conditions for thriving young people in every community, regardless of their background.

Of course, a place-based approach goes beyond Greater Manchester’s Unified Public Services. We expect physical activity and art and culture programmes to be key additional areas that engage with the programme.

A place-based approach flourishes because of the strengths of its communities. We intend for #BeeWell to provide the insights and data for communities to take ownership of wellbeing as a local objective and help create the conditions for young people to thrive. We see placing the voluntary sector at the heart of our programme as crucial to this aspiration. It is why we hope to support voluntary organisations to benefit from the insights of the work, both through communities of practice around what works and our co-creation work from Autumn 2021 onwards.

We are continuing to broaden the scope and breadth of #BeeWell’s Coalition of Partners. Find out who our current partners are by clicking here.

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