October Newsletter


The #BeeWell survey is LIVE!  

The first annual #BeeWell survey has begun! All participating schools have from 4th of October to 3rd of December 2021 to complete the survey. We’re thrilled that we will have over 200 secondary schools rolling out the survey over the next two months – this represents some 95% of mainstream settings across Greater Manchester alongside many independent and special schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision.  

The #BeeWell survey is divided into two sections that together encompass what young people have told us matters most to them: the Domains of Wellbeing and the Drivers of Wellbeing. To see the specific questions we will be asking young people, click here. 


#BeeWell Day  

The first ever #BeeWell Day took place on Thursday 23rd September at Archive in Mayfield Depot with programmed online content continuing into Friday 24th September. More than 200 young people attended from schools and youth organisations across Greater Manchester.  

Young people got involved in a range of exciting activities on the day – from mono-printing and banner decorating, to skateboarding, soft archery, dance workshops and a kayak simulator experience, to wellbeing workshops and a relaxing sound bath experience.  

The #BeeWell Bus went on a tour of schools around Greater Manchester where young people were invited to paint the bus with messages of what wellbeing means to them. The bus concluded its journey at Mayfield Depot, parking inside the venue where attendees were encouraged to add their messages as well.  

Be sure to check out our Twitter and Instagram pages to see lots of pictures from the day. 

As part of the lead-up to #BeeWell Day, we also worked with four wonderful organisations to create commissions to be showcased as part of #BeeWell Day. The brief was for their community of young people to answer the question, “What Makes Me Happy?”. We received three wonderful creative pieces from Spectrum GamingReform Radio, and Bury Youth Theatre, which were shown online (available here) and KYSO performed live on the day.  

Thank you to all schools and youth organisations who attended and to our partners for coming together to make it such a special day! 


Thank you for reading!