New feature added to the #BeeWell dashboard

Today, we have launched a new feature on the #BeeWell Neighbourhood dashboard.

We are excited to share that you can now use the dashboard to view neighbourhood profiles for each of the 67 neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester.

The tool gives you ‘at a glance’ headline data on your chosen neighbourhood for 3 key wellbeing indicators, alongside the option to explore all of the other measures and items from the main dashboard.  RAG (Red-Amber- Green) ratings and GM averages are included in order to put the data for your chosen neighbourhood in context, alongside some handy contextual information drawn from publicly available data. 

Thank you to our partners at The Education Policy Institute for providing and collecting this further data for the neighbourhood profiles. 

We hope this new update is helpful and allows you to use the #BeeWell data to support young people’s wellbeing.


View the update by clicking the above link to the neighbourhood dashboard, accept the terms of use and click the ‘Neighbourhood Profile Tool’ option.