More than voice, more than a survey! Part 3: Audience

In this series of blogs, #BeeWell explores how we are using the Lundy Model of Child Participation in different aspects of the programme. We will post one blog every Wednesday for five weeks, then publish the full case study document.

The Lundy Model of Participation identifies four areas for good practice in children and young people’s participation. They are: Space, Voice, Audience & Influence. In Greater Manchester, organisations also work to include Impact as another key area of youth participation. Our blogs provide a case study on each of these key themes in our youth participation work.


Blog 3: Audience

Young people have co-created the #BeeWell agenda and we seek to ensure that their opinions and ideas are shared to those in decision making roles across GM. We aim to amplify and share what young people have told us in the survey and youth workshops.

We do this using social media, briefings, bringing young people to decision making boards and partnering with organisations. We make all the research findings accessible – not just keeping them as academic papers behind pay walls and we proactively share them with Local Authorities and School Leadership teams.

We take our emerging findings to the Children’s Board and keep #BeeWell on the Greater Manchester agenda. One key example of enabling direct conversation with adults in positions of power is our partnership with The Politics Project.


The Politics Project Digital Dialogue sessions

This project creates facilitated sessions, bringing together local leaders in each of the 10 GM localities and schools for young people to present the key findings from their school #BeeWell data and discuss suggested solutions.​ We will follow up with leaders such as Councillors and Directors of Children’s Services to find out if and how they have acted upon young people’s views, and if they have not why not.

Participation (Summer 2022):

  • 17 schools​
  • 24 Council representatives​
  • 100+ young people​
  • Over 15 hours of discussion

“Would be good to meet the adults – makes it harder to dismiss if you’re meeting face to face.” – #BeeWell Youth Steering Group member.


Next Steps/Improving ‘Audience’ work: 

  • embed young people’s voice into our Coalition Partner agendas,  
  • find ways of meaningfully bringing young people into decision making spaces,
  • work with existing infrastructure in GM to maximise input from young people and coach adults on how to listen and value young people’s expertise.