March newsletter

Welcome to the March edition of our #BeeWell Wednesday newsletter!  


This month, #BeeWell will launch our neighbourhood dashboard 

Our researchers in team #BeeWell are working on the upcoming launch of our neighbourhood data, which will be publicly available to encourage a whole-system response to young people’s wellbeing.  

The publication of this neighbourhood data will complement the insights that schools have been finding in their bespoke dashboards. We have been holding webinars and support sessions with schools to work on the response to the data; we’re thrilled to expand this to a place-based approach to young people’s wellbeing. 

Towards the end of March, you will be able to access the neighbourhood dashboard and explore what young people have told us about their wellbeing. Watch this space – we are so excited to share this with you later in the month! 


Young People are leading our neighbourhood research 

The #BeeWell Youth Steering Group and Young Researchers have been working with us in the last month to highlight what is most important and surprising to them from the #BeeWell data.  

It has been fantastic to see the progress that the #BeeWell Young Researchers have been making to shape their research into social media use, stress, parent/carer relationships and ethnicity, and they have developed some interesting hypotheses about the relationships between these domains and drivers. 

This month will also see media training take place for many young people involved in #BeeWell programmes, to ensure that they feel confident and empowered speaking to the media about their work. The #BeeWell survey was designed and completed by young people, and we want the results to be celebrated and explored by young people first. 


 #BeeWell and the Politics Project have opened expressions of interest to schools! 

You may remember that in December of last year that we were very pleased to share news of our partnership with the Politics Project. This Summer term, the Politics Project will be hosting dialogue sessions with schools and decision-makers across Greater Manchester’s 10 local authorities. These sessions will start some really interesting conversations between young people and local leaders, based on the findings from the results of the #BeeWell survey. These sessions are completely free to schools, including preparatory sessions to support students and teacher training. All #BeeWell schools should now have received the opportunity to submit their expressions of interest.  



Thank you to all our coalition partners who have shared the vacancies within the #BeeWell teams! Applications for our Youth Co-Creation Lead role have now closed; we are delighted with the fantastic quality of the applications received. Our Project Manager advertisement is still open until the 6th March. 


Thank you for reading!