Launch of the #BeeWell Greater Manchester Headline Findings – March 2024

In late March 2024, #BeeWell in Greater Manchester launched headline findings from the third year of #BeeWell surveys in the city-region. This year (2023/24), 17,000 young people in Year 10 completed the survey, meaning we’ve now heard from more than 63,000 young people from over 190 schools in three years.

To celebrate the new findings, over 50 partners from across local government, funding organisations, schools, the voluntary sector and young people came together at The Lowry, Salford, to explore the data in more detail and discuss next steps.

Along with presentations on the new #BeeWell findings, #BeeWell partners shared the impact using the data has had on their work. Chris of BBC Children in Need shared how the data helps inform the decisions they make on funding provision for young people; Sue Watmough of Manchester Communication Academy shared how the data allows them to assess the impact of the actions they’re putting in place, and how they can use this to strengthen their work in Well Schools; and Andrea of Rochdale Council shared how the data can be used to inform targeted work in local authorities.

This year’s data tells us that…

  • 4 in 5 young people feel hope and optimism for their future, bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Inequalities in wellbeing data persist, particularly by gender and sexual orientation.
  • 7 in 22 young people have experienced discrimination due to their race, skin colour or where they were born.

More detail on this year’s data is available in our full report: #BeeWell GM Headline Findings Report 2023/23.

Following the release of the new data, partners were then invited to think about they could collectively act in response to what young people are telling us about their wellbeing, what more is needed to act, and who else needs to be in the conversation. These discussions were by theme, covering different domains and drivers in young people’s wellbeing. Key next steps from the discussions looked at thinking about supporting young people to create healthy wellbeing routines, exploring different analyses we can do with the #BeeWell data, using the data to inform targeted interventions and much more.

To close the session, partners were invited to pledge how they would LISTEN to the voices of young people, ACT together for change and CELEBRATE young people’s wellbeing. A few early examples included…

“I am going to champion the value of this data and the potential of the tool to support our overall focus on supporting those CYP who most need it.”

“We are going to use the data to support our commissioning strategies.”

“Deliver a #BeeWell team meeting with staff to help them understand key themes and local data.”

We will continue to work with our partners on developing these pledges, and would love to hear from you if you want to use the #BeeWell GM data in your organisation. There is a range of steps partners can take to begin this process:

  • Explore the newly updated #BeeWell Neighbourhood Dashboard:
  • Book a #BeeWell workshop for your team. We are pleased to share we can offer workshops for our Coalition of Partners to explore the neighbourhood dashboard with us and see how it can be used in your work.
  • View our Coalition of Partners guide to see how you can Listen, Act & Celebrate.

Contact us using to speak to us about how you can use the #BeeWell GM data in your work.

Look back on the event in this short video, speaking to #BeeWell partners across the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, The University of Manchester & Anna Freud.