June Newsletter


Celebrating young people’s wellbeing; listening to their voices; acting on what they tell us. 

Welcome to the monthly#BeeWell Newsletter. We will use this window to update you on the latest news from #BeeWell and our partners. If you would like to see anything added to future newsletters, please get in touch on   

#BeeWell News 

1. School sign-up is underway!  

Newly re-elected Mayor Andy Burnham has written to secondary schools across Greater Manchester inviting them to sign up to #BeeWell. This enables them to formally join #BeeWell and implement our survey in their classrooms from autumn 2021. Participating schools will receive confidential reports and insights over the three years to inform and complement the work that they already undertake to support the wellbeing of their pupils. To make a difference across the city region, we intend to secure the commitment of as many of the 267 secondary schools in Greater Manchester as possible.  

If you are connected to a secondary school in Greater Manchester interested in signing up, please visit for more information.  

2. More than 100 young people engaged in designing the #BeeWell survey so far.  

The #BeeWell team have now consulted with 120 young people from 10 Pathfinder schools across Greater Manchester in a series of workshops throughout the development phase of the survey. Young people from mainstream schools, independents, special schools, and PRUs have provided invaluable insights into what wellbeing means to them, what factors influence their wellbeing, and what makes them thrive. Their voices have directly shaped our questionnaire to ensure #BeeWell reflects what young people have told us matters most to them.   

Meera and Bethan, members of the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority, said: “Having young people be at the centre of every step in a new project is rare, which is why #BeeWell has been such an incredible experience. The process of inputting our thoughts on the questionnaire has been a valuable opportunity and allowed us to take part in creating real change within our community.”  

3. New Additions to the #BeeWell Team  

Charlotte Hill, former CEO of both UK Youth and Step Up to Serve, has joined #BeeWell to guide our efforts – certainly for the next few months, and we hope longer. We feel very fortunate that Charlotte has been willing to become a key part of the team – she is already making a vast difference!  

Nick Tait, programme manager at Child Outcomes Research Consortium and former head teacher at a large London primary school, has also joined the #BeeWell team. Nick is currently leading the school engagement process, in which his expertise and experience has proven invaluable.  

4. Four new partners join #BeeWell. 

#BeeWell are delighted to announce the addition of four new partners, The Prince’s Trust, ukactive, Hubbub and Bright Futures Educational Trust, to our coalition of 46 existing members. We will continue to add to our coalition in the coming months. We look forward to working with all our partners in a city-wide effort to improve the wellbeing of young people across Greater Manchester and, in due course, inspire a national conversation about rebalancing the education system so it treats wellbeing as a complementary outcome alongside academic attainment.   

If you would like any further information on #BeeWell, then please visit: 

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