June newsletter

#BeeWell Wednesday | June Newsletter 

Happy half-term from the #BeeWell team! We hope you’re having a great break and enjoy the long, bank-holiday weekend. 


#BeeWell schools have now received their life readiness dashboards 

In May, schools across Greater Manchester received the final part of this year’s #BeeWell data – responses to the Futures section of the survey. This data has now been sent to schools via their own bespoke dashboards and added to the GM neighbourhood dashboard 

This part of the survey builds on the Life Readiness Survey that was delivered by the GMCA in previous years, which means that for the first time #BeeWell is able to provide schools with detail on how responses to the survey compare to previous years. Schools can now explore these dashboards and, if they are part of the Bridge GM network, they will be offered support in interpreting their data from Enterprise Coordinators at the GMCA.  


Youth Steering Group update 

Our #BeeWell Youth Steering Group (YSG) have been busy working on plans for #BeeWell Day 2022 and how they would like to spend the £10k commissioning pot to respond to the #BeeWell data – we can’t wait to share more info as this develops! At the weekend, the YSG celebrated the enormous amount that they have accomplished so far alongside the #BeeWell team.  

In the coming weeks, we will begin working on a youth-centred social media campaign to celebrate what has been done to respond to the #BeeWell survey results. We would be delighted to involve many of our partners in this – get in touch if you would like any more info!   


Andy Haldane highlights #BeeWell as an example of levelling-up communities  

At the recent ‘Levelling-Up Communities, What’s the evidence?’ conference, we were delighted to see Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts and Former Head of the Government’s Levelling-Up Taskforce highlight the work we have been doing across Greater Manchester at #BeeWell. Watch the clip on our website, here. 


#BeeWell is looking for a delivery partner for the social prescribing #BeeWell Champions pilot 

The invitation to tender for an excellent delivery partner for the #BeeWell Champions programme is now live! We are looking for a partner to take hold of this project in five pilot neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester. If this programme sounds of interest for your organisation, find out more here. 


#BeeWell team news  

As many of you will know, #BeeWell has welcomed a new Project Manager this month, as Huw Spencer has left the programme to enrol at Harvard University as a Kennedy Scholar later in the Summer. Huw will remain as a consultant for a couple of months before going to the US. Huw has been exceptional in his leadership of #BeeWell, pretty much since inception, and we can’t thank him enough for everything that he has done over the last two years to make the wellbeing of young people everyone’s business.  

We are so pleased to share that Francesca Speakman has now joined the #BeeWell team and we look forward to introducing you to Fran in the months to come if you haven’t already met. 


#BeeWell has also celebrated the programme’s first award last month – a Making a Difference Award for Outstanding Contribution to Local and Civic Engagement.  The University of Manchester holds these annual Making a Difference Awards to celebrate work at the university in social responsibility. You can watch a video on #BeeWell’s award here.