July Newsletter


Listening to young people’s voices; acting together for change; celebrating young people’s wellbeing. 

Welcome to the monthly #BeeWell Newsletter.  


Over half of all secondary schools in Greater Manchester have signed up to #BeeWell! 

We are delighted to say that, in just over a month, we have signed up over half of all secondary schools in Greater Manchester. The #BeeWell team are thrilled to be working with so many schools to make young people’s wellbeing everybody’s business. Our mission over the next month is to sign up as many of the remaining secondary schools in Greater Manchester. If you are connected to a secondary school interested in signing up, please visit 

The #BeeWell survey design process has reached its final stages 

The #BeeWell survey has now received approval from young people. The #BeeWell team recently hosted a #BeeWell survey sign-off and celebration webinar for pupils from our Pathfinder schools involved in the design process of the survey. The pupils heard from academics at the University of Manchester to see how their voices, ideas and suggestions have directly shaped the topics and the questions used in the survey. This was also a chance for them to give their final approval before the survey is rolled out in Autumn 2021. The survey has also been run past a panel of Young Peer Reviewers whose feedback and suggested changes have been enacted on ahead of the final survey draft.   

Workshops in Special Schools and Pupil Referral Units are underway 

#BeeWell has engaged with pupils in mainstream, independent and special schools, as well as alternative providers and Pupil Referral Units, to make the survey as accessible as possible. We are now in the process of hosting a series of workshops with teachers and pupils from special schools and PRU’s to co-design a brief, more accessible version of the finalised survey that will encompass core themes within 40 items or less. It is important that #BeeWell hears the voices of all young people, so that we can act together for change and celebrate the wellbeing of young people across Greater Manchester. 

Five new partners join #BeeWell 

#BeeWell are delighted to announce the addition of five new partners in the last month: Football Beyond Borders, Magic Breakfast, Smallshaw-Hurst Children’s Community, S4S, and the Lowry have signed up, bringing our coalition of partners to 50 members. We look forward to working with all our partners to provide localised insights into the experiences of young people across 66 neighbourhoods and mobilise communities across Greater Manchester.  

If you are interested in partnering with #BeeWell, you can join our upcoming partners meeting on Monday 19th July from 16:00-18:00 on Zoom. For more information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Frances East on 

The #BeeWell team are collaborating with young artists to develop our brand identity  

A talented young artist from 42nd Street has designed a set of candidate logos for #BeeWell. The young artist, inspired by her personal experience with mental health services, has designed a set of bright, colourful logos that incorporate the holistic aspects of mental health and wellbeing. We hope to have our logo finalised in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out in our August newsletter for the big reveal! 


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