#BeeWell Youth Steering Group

Greater Manchester

What is the #BeeWell Youth Steering Group?

The #BeeWell YSG meets at least once a month to help shape and guide aspects of the #BeeWell programme. The YSG decided the name, logo and identity of the programme, along with deciding the most important findings from the 2021 #BeeWell surveys.

In the summer of 2022, the group began to write their first manifesto – setting out plans for what they want to achieve as a group and what they want to be known for. 

The group pledged to… 

  • Put in effort to make sure young people have a safe space to speak 
  • Prepare younger and older generations to be open minded and inclusive
  • Help people to be comfortable with and figure out who they truly are 
  • Spread awareness of mental health for future generations 
  • Advocate for adults to treat young people equally and with respect 


Download the full Youth Steering Group Manifesto here.


In the past year, the group have also commissioned two responses to the #BeeWell data, to focus on activities that encourage physical activity and community belonging. Read the full blog for details on the commissioned activities. Working with the #BeeWell Youth Steering Group, together we have developed the top 5 #BeeWell findings for Greater Manchester, read more here.

For more info on the YSG, email #BeeWell Greater Manchester Project Manager, Fran Speakman: or view our sign-up poster here.