#BeeWell Young Researchers Programme

The #BeeWell Young Researchers Programme is a five-part course that introduces Year 10 pupils to the world of academic research, with a focus on wellbeing. The course gives pupils the opportunity to get hands on with the #BeeWell data analysis – interrogating the results and shaping future research carried out by The University of Manchester team. In 2023/24, the Young Researchers Programme will take place with schools in both Greater Manchester and Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Our first #BeeWell Young Researchers Programme took place in January-March 2022, where 19 young people from pathfinder schools took part in virtual sessions to explore the #BeeWell data. The programme ended with a trip to The University of Manchester’s data visualisation observatory, where we saw the data we had studied presented in 3D. 

The group identified domains and drivers of the data they were most interested in, and supported our University Research Team to investigate the relationships between them. This produced three research questions:

  1. Is there an association between daily hours of social media use and stress? 
  2. Is there an association between relationship with parents/carers and stress?
  3. Do daily hours of social media use vary by ethnicity? 

Click here to view the full Evidence Briefing, outlining the key findings from this research.


Two participants in the programme in 2021/22, Euan and Joss,  also shared their views and experiences with us in short videos. Watch them below!