Easter Special Edition newsletter

Welcome to our April newsletter! This month, we wanted to thank you for supporting #BeeWell during the release of the Year 1 survey findings. We are hugely grateful for the fantastic support and championing the programme has received from partners across the city region and beyond. Most importantly, we are delighted that the voices of young people from Greater Manchester have led the discussions around their mental health and wellbeing. 

In this shorter Easter Special Edition newsletter, we are sharing some of the thoughtful and creative responses that young people have produced on the #BeeWell findings.  

Pupils from Manchester Academy work with Company Chameleon to produce a movement piece in response to the data 

In this fantastic movement piece, young people explore some of the headline findings and reflect on what they find particularly important for their wellbeing. The final performance is a thought-provoking, must-watch video… 

Young people tell us what supports their wellbeing where they live 

Members of #BeeWell’s Youth Steering Group and Young Researcher Programme were asked to share their views on the #BeeWell data. We asked: what supports wellbeing in your local area? Watch some of their responses here. 

#BeeWell’s radio show with Reform Radio has now launched 

Following the launch of the headline findings, #BeeWell has partnered with Reform Radio to produce a monthly radio show for young people to discuss the #BeeWell findings. The show explores mental health and wellbeing through a mixture of discussion, debate and creative expression. You can listen to the first show in full, here. 

In Case You Missed It: #BeeWell news from March 

Last month, #BeeWell published the headline findings from the 2021 survey results and our first evidence briefing focused on inequalities in wellbeing 

The publication of the #BeeWell data led to coverage from the BBC and other news organisations as well as insights from young people on what the findings mean to them. 

Thank you for reading!