December Newsletter

#BeeWell has heard the voices of almost 40,000 young people across Greater Manchester

We are delighted to announce that we have heard the voices of almost 40,000 young people in Years 8 and 10 across Greater Manchester! At the beginning of the programme, over 200 secondary schools, across all ten Local Authorities, signed up to participate in #BeeWell – this represents some 95% of mainstream settings, alongside many independent and special schools, pupil referral units and alternative provisions. Now the first survey window has closed, we are really pleased that so many schools have continued to work to make young people’s wellbeing everybody’s business. We are particularly grateful for the dedication, passion and commitment of teachers, school leaders, and all our partners across Greater Manchester and beyond.

Participating schools will receive aggregated feedback in January 2022 and the Child Outcomes Research Consortium will provide expert support for schools to act on this evidence. #BeeWell will also publish neighbourhood data in March 2022 to enable a genuinely place-based approach to young people’s wellbeing.


James Timpson speaks on the importance of joining the #BeeWell Coalition

James Timpson, Chief Executive of Timpson, met with #BeeWell Youth Steering Group member and youth activist Meera to discuss why he wanted to join the #BeeWell coalition.

James told Meera about the importance of wellbeing in Timpson’s workplace culture, and how supporting the wellbeing of young people now is vital for businesses like his when considering the future of his workforce! Thank you to James and Meera for this interesting conversation, which you can watch here and also read about the benefits of joining our coalition!


#BeeWell are pleased to announce a partnership with The Politics Project!

The Politics Project is a fantastic organisation that supports young people to use their voice by providing a democratic education, specialising in digital democracy.

Building on their successful Digital Surgeries Programme, The Politics Project will support young people to explore and unpick the #BeeWell data and host 10 dialogue sessions across Greater Manchester’s local authorities. In the dialogue sessions, young people will use the #BeeWell data to engage with decision-makers and share the findings that are most important to them.

We’re really pleased to have The Politics Project on board, and we’re excited to hear the conversations they facilitate between young people and decision-makers!


We hope you have a lovely Christmas Break! Thank you for reading.