Internet Matters

Internet Matters works in collaboration with leading organisations to create a future where children and young people are prepared to benefit safely from the impact of connected technology. We support parents, carers, teachers and other professionals with free resources on all aspects of children’s online safety. We also undertake research with parents and children to better understand their online lives and ensure our work is based on insight to maximise the benefits of being online for young people while minimising the risks. On joining the #BeeWell Coalition of Partners, Internet Matters pledged:

At Internet Matters, we are deeply committed to supporting the wellbeing of young people across Greater Manchester and beyond, particularly in relation to their online lives. Our core mission is to empower young people to make the most of the digital world, while also ensuring their online experiences are safe and supportive. We recognise that the mental health and wellbeing of young people are integral to their overall growth and development. As a proud #BeeWell Coalition Partner, we wholeheartedly pledge our support during #BeeWell Week and beyond, uniting our missions for the benefit of young people.


We pledge to listen attentively to what young people say about their wellbeing, both online and offline. Their voices are invaluable in shaping our approach to online safety and digital education. By understanding their concerns and aspirations, we can better serve them in the digital spaces they inhabit.


We are dedicated to taking action based on what we learn about young people’s wellbeing, drawing from the insights gained from the #BeeWell Survey as well as our own findings. These insights will guide the development of resources, inform our policy initiatives, and drive further research efforts.


We commit to celebrating the impact of #BeeWell on young people’s lives, not only in the physical world but also in the digital sphere. We will share success stories of how #BeeWell information has been used to create safer and more supportive online environments. By doing so, we aim to inspire others to join us in promoting both online safety and mental wellbeing.