#BeeWell Youth Steering Group: Funding opportunity

The #BeeWell Youth Steering Group have been granted a small pot of money to support activity in responses to the #BeeWell survey findings.

We would like to support responses to these findings by commissioning two pieces of work in the Greater Manchester youth and play sector.

  1. A project/programme of activities which encourages movement through fun and team activities.
  2. A neighbourhood scheme to support community belonging, connection and improve the local area.

We have £6000 to commit to these activities (around £3,000 for each).

We are inviting groups and organisations to apply for this funding with a short proposal of how you would spend the money and how it would directly relate to the #BeeWell findings outlined above. Organisations do not need to apply to cover both briefs, but can apply for £3,000 for one of the projects.

See application info below for 7 key things to cover in a video, 2 page application or over a phone call if this is easier for you!

The proposal needs to demonstrate that this would be a new project or activity OR that it would enhance or extend an existing piece of work that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

For more information, read the full invitation for funding here: #BeeWell Funding Invitation

To view the #BeeWell neighbourhood dashboard to support your application, click here: #BeeWell Neighbourhood Data Hive (

To submit your application, click here to download the application documents and then email with your completed forms.

Funding timeline

  • Application submission date: Friday 29th July (email with your completed application)
  • We will let you know by: Friday August 5th
  • The money needs spending by: Friday September 30th
  • We would like a report by: Friday December 9th

For more info, contact Elsie on the above email address or 07676 572494.