#BeeWell Wednesday: October newsletter

The #BeeWell survey window is now open! 

The #BeeWell survey window opened on 18th September 2023! #BeeWell schools in Greater Manchester (GM), and Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton (HIPS) have until the 1st of December to take part in this year’s survey! Years 8 and 10 will be invited to take part in HIPS, and Year 10 pupils in Greater Manchester will complete the survey for their third year. Find out more, here: the #BeeWell survey is now live.

If you work with schools in either of our two locations and want to help spread the word or find out more on survey delivery, please get in touch with us: for GM, for HIPS!


#BeeWell Week & Festival celebrates our third year of #BeeWell in Greater Manchester 

In Greater Manchester, we recently celebrated #BeeWell Week and #BeeWell Festival, to tie in with the launch of the third year of the programme. We were so pleased to be joined by schools from across Greater Manchester at the #BeeWell Festival on 21 September, where 100 young people trialled different activities that could support their wellbeing.

We also want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to our #BeeWell Coalition of Partners who supported us not only on the Festival day, but for providing online content for our #BeeWell Week resources. We were delighted to be able to share these resources with our #BeeWell schools & partners throughout the week!


HIPS – Introducing #BeeWell to young people 

During the summer holidays, the programme team worked alongside four young people to co-create an animated video to be shared with the 130 schools taking part, explaining to students why #BeeWell is important and what their input means. You can view the final video here.


New youth-led campaign ‘Feel Good Your Way’ launching soon 

As a result of the #BeeWell findings on physical activity levels in Greater Manchester, GM Moving committed to co-create a campaign with young people focusing on how physical activity supports mental health. The campaign is being launched to encourage 11-16 year old girls to move in whatever way they feel comfortable. Coinciding with this year’s World Mental Health Day (10 Oct), the campaign aims to promote positive messaging to support more young people to get moving and feel good, their way.

To download and use the campaign assets, visit the GM Moving website, and contact Active Young People Lead Lauren Whaley to let GM Moving know how you will be using the campaign.


In case you missed it… 

  • There is still time to apply for the #BeeWell Apprentice role at The University of Manchester! Applications close on the 9th October 2023, and more information can be found here: #BeeWell Apprentice.
  • The local coalition of partners in HIPS continues to expand as the programme launches in the region. Read the blog on the #BeeWell awareness webinar here: Working together in HIPS.

Our new #BeeWell National Director, James Robertson, joins the team this month! Find out more: #BeeWell announces first National Director will join from October 2023.