#BeeWell Wednesday – June newsletter

Next in our series of #BeeWell Briefs: Future data 

Even more #BeeWell data has just been published! We’re delighted to share the latest of our #BeeWell Briefs, this time focused on the Future section of the survey. New findings include that 81% of Year 10s feel that they have hope and optimism for the future, and over 3 in 4 think they have the skills and knowledge to be prepared for life. But, we also explore inequalities in the data that we hope our Coalition of Partners in Greater Manchester will work to address. We would love to hear from you if you plan to use this data and respond in your work.

You can read the full brief for detail on how young people feel about their future, careers education and post Year 11 options, here. And, our Greater Manchester neighbourhood dashboard has now been updated with this new survey data!


New blog series on #BeeWell’s youth co-creation in Greater Manchester 

Throughout June, we will be publishing a new blog every Wednesday that explores how we have used the GM Lundy Model in our #BeeWell youth participation work. The blogs provide examples of the amazing contributions young people have made to #BeeWell and Greater Manchester, across the different themes of the GM Lundy Model.

The first blog is now live, focused on space, here.


#BeeWell in Greater Manchester is hiring for a new Youth Co-Creation Lead 

If you’re interested in #BeeWell’s youth co-creation work outlined in our new series of blogs, you may be excited to know we’re recruiting for exactly this role! The previous Greater Manchester role-holder has moved to pastures new, and so we’re recruiting for a fantastic new team member to build on their work. Please read & share with your networks: #BeeWell Youth Co-Creation Lead.


School sign-up has launched in both Greater Manchester (GM) and Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton (HIPS) 

As GM #BeeWell enters Year 3 and HIPS enters Year 1, both local teams are looking to sign-up as many schools as possible for the Autumn survey window!

We would love to hear from you if you work with schools in either of the regions and think you may be able to help us ensure we speak to as many schools as we can in the coming weeks. Across both regions, we want to hear the voices of as many young people as possible and make young people’s wellbeing everybody’s business.

Please contact for GM, or for HIPS.


New #BeeWell website coming soon 

As we transition into a national programme, we will be launching a new website to reflect this significant moment in the #BeeWell timeline. Our new site,, will be live by the end of June. Watch this space for more info!