#BeeWell Wednesday: April Newsletter

Updated Neighbourhood Dashboards Now Live 

Following the launch of our headline findings in March (check out the reports here) we’ve now updated the #BeeWell Neighbourhood Data Hive with the 2023 survey results. Follow the links below to explore the #BeeWell data by location:

Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton (HIPS) Neighbourhood Dashboard: the first neighbourhood dashboard for HIPS with wellbeing data from over 22,000 young people, mapped across 46 neighbourhoods in HIPS

Greater Manchester (GM) Neighbourhood Dashboard: three years of wellbeing data from over 63,000 young people, including changes over time, mapped across 64 neighbourhoods in GM

Video guides are available in the #BeeWell Neighbourhood Data Hive. For an introduction to the main dashboard features (using the 2022 GM dashboard as an example) follow this link.

Highlights From The #BeeWell Headline Findings Launch Events 

We were delighted to see so many partners, both in-person and virtually, up and down the country to launch the latest #BeeWell findings.

In HIPS, the findings have been shared at a number of forums across each Local Authority. Seventy representatives also attended the HIPS coalition of partners event to explore specific findings in closer detail. The team look forward to hosting a central event for 40 young people in the Easter break to interpret the results further. Look out for a blog on these two events coming soon!

In Greater Manchester, partners from across the youth sector, schools, local government and health all came together to make plans for how we can act together in response to the latest #BeeWell data. Check out some of the highlights from that event in this short video from the GMCA.

Didn’t Make One Of Our Recent Events? It’s Not Too Late To Join The Conversation… 

At our recent National coalition of partners event, we heard from various partners about ways they could use the #BeeWell data and ways that #BeeWell could support them to do this. We would love it if you could add to this conversation by posting your thoughts to our virtual whiteboard on Flinga.

And if you’d like any other information regarding the latest findings, please reach out at

Webinar: Pro Bono Economics On New Ways Of Measuring Wellbeing Impact Using #BeeWell Data 

Pro Bono Economics (PBE) have been working with IntegratED and #BeeWell to measure the impact of Football Beyond Border’s intervention to provide a trusted adult for children at risk of exclusion in secondary school. Join PBE’s upcoming webinar to hear from a line-up of experts on new ways of measuring charities’ impact and what these methods revealed about the impact of Football Beyond Borders’ services on children’s wellbeing.

Read more and sign up to the webinar, hosted by PBE, on 17th April at 12.00pm, here.

In Case You Missed It… #BeeWell Co-founder, David Gregson, Reflects On The Latest #BeeWell Findings 

In two recent articles, #BeeWell co-founder David Gregson discussed the importance measuring young people’s wellbeing consistently, and how publishing this data can bring people together across society to improve the lives of young people in our country.

Pupil Wellbeing: New trends schools need to know (TES)

Improving wellbeing hinges on putting the right data into the right hands (Schools Week) 

Recent #BeeWell Research 

In March, the latest World Happiness Report was published. It featured for the first time a chapter on child and adolescent wellbeing, led by #BeeWell’s very own Jose Marquez from The University of Manchester. Check out the chapter in full, including references to the #BeeWell programme as an example of collaboration across services, here: Child and Adolescent Well-Being: Global Trends, Challenges and Opportunities 

Emma Thornton, an academic at the Manchester Institute of Education working on the #BeeWell programme, has recently published a journal article in the International Journal of Bullying Prevention. It looks at the prevalence, impact, and inequalities of bullying in adolescence. Check out the full article here: Bullying: insights from the #BeeWell data 

The #So.Me Project: Opportunity To Find Out More About How Social Media Affects Pupil Mental Health And Wellbeing 

The University of Manchester #So.Me project is inviting #BeeWell partners working with young people to join schools as part of a research study, the first of its kind in the UK, on young people’s social media experiences. The study will work with young people in years 8-12 and plans to match results to the #BeeWell data set.

If your organisation, or a school you work with, are interested in taking part, you can find more information and register your interest here.


Thanks for reading! Your support will help us ensure that the latest #BeeWell data can be used to make young people’s wellbeing everybody’s business!