#BeeWell Survey Design: Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton

In this blog post, the #BeeWell team in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton (HIPS) details the process of co-production that was undertaken to shape the #BeeWell survey for roll-out in a new region.

Across a period of three months in early 2023, we worked with young people across the HIPS region to co-create the survey that would be launched with them later in the year. Co-creation has been a key factor in the success of #BeeWell to date. #BeeWell works in a youth-centred way that prioritises participation, beginning with the naming of the programme, the vision, the logo which began in Greater Manchester, and the survey co-production process in the two locations. You can read this case study to understand how this continues to shape the programme in Greater Manchester: More than voice, more than a survey!

Using the Lundy Model of Child Participation, the project team, along with school engagement representatives from the local authority, met with over 200 young people to hear their views on wellbeing. Their thoughts & views would later tailor the questions to reflect local priorities and what was important to young people in our area.


Most importantly, young people in the area needed the opportunity to express their view. We selected 15 ‘pathfinder schools’ from across the region, ensuring the selection process of these schools included rural areas, urban areas, an alternative provision, a special school and were spread across the four local authorities involved in #BeeWell.


Schools arranged 15 students to meet with us, outside of their lessons to share their views on wellbeing. To do this, we explained the background to #BeeWell and what we were hoping to achieve from the session. In the earlier workshops, we asked generic questions such as

  • What does wellbeing mean to you?
  • What impacts your wellbeing?
  • What makes you thrive?
  • What does wellbeing support look like to you?

To facilitate these sessions, we used the ‘Flinga’ app for students to add their thoughts onto a virtual whiteboard – these are anonymous and encouraged those who do not always put their hand up first – to get their views heard. We adapted each session as appropriate, depending on the students we had with us. For example, quieter groups required more 1:1 discussion with us whilst adding their thoughts onto the virtual whiteboard. Whereas some of the groups that were comfortable speaking in front of each other we were able to have group discussions on the themes coming across, building on these more and giving us a chance to confirm our understanding of what they were telling us.


Following the sessions, we collated all the outputs and views from the sessions which were shared with both the school and The University of Manchester to identify themes. Using the themes that were coming through (as an example – academic pressure and lack of understanding of wellbeing support outside of school), the university were able to identify various options for measures that could be included within the survey on these topics.

In the later workshops, we took these measures to discuss which was the preferrable option, whether the wording was clear and inclusive, to determine exactly what should be included in the final survey. We also took the opportunity to ask students how they would want to hear about #BeeWell in the Autumn and they gave us a clear steer of their preferences of format and how to access the information.


Lastly, the views had to be acted on. The information shared with us from the workshops has directly shaped the survey due to be launched in Autumn 2023. It includes topics the young people told us were important to them, and worded in the way they feel they can answer honestly. As a final element to the workshops, we shared a ‘you said – we did’ video with young people involved so they could see some of the ways they contributed to #BeeWell in their area. You can view this here: #BeeWell Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton – Thank you!


The #BeeWell survey co-produced in HIPS will soon be available on our website, here: The #BeeWell Survey.

In Autumn 2023, the survey will be delivered to up to 130 schools across the region, inviting young people in Years 8 and 10 to take part. Contact for more information!