#BeeWell Animation: Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton

In this blog, the #BeeWell team in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth & Southampton (HIPS) talk through the co-production of an animation for students taking part in the programme in the Autumn term.

This week, the #BeeWell Project team worked with four young people and one of their local coalition partners, Drop the Mask to co-produce an animated video.

The aim of the video is to describe #BeeWell to young people who will be participating in the survey, providing an overview of the programme and explaining how important their views are.

The team had a great morning at the offices of Drop the Mask, working with four young people to adapt (re-write!) the ‘script’ for the video – guiding us on the best language to use and adding additional information they thought was important to include for students to understand the work of #BeeWell.

Young people then had the opportunity to record their voice overs for the video, impressively all in one attempt, and creating their own animated character.


The team walked away from the session with plenty to take forward in their youth participation work and how drive the engagement of the programme from beginning, through to the data being released and beyond.

You can access the video here

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