Beyond Greater Manchester

A long-term ambition to change systems

One of the long-term aims of the project is to engender a step-change in the way in which we consider young people’s progress in England – so that wellbeing is given parity with academic attainment. Our hypothesis is that the evidence base generated through this project will serve to do just that, potentially demonstrating the links between educational progress and wellbeing.  We hope to understand the structural factors that can cause worse outcomes for some young people in the current system (linked closely to our collaboration with Sir Michael Marmot on health inequalities).

We are working with a number of partners to ensure the policy implications of #BeeWell have impact at the highest levels of the education sector. This includes, in the first instance, exploring the potential data linkages that we might undertake over the course of the programme to bring insights into the place of wellbeing across a myriad of government strategic priorities. We want to make sure #BeeWell is not seen as an additional accountability mechanism but as an opportunity for improving the wellbeing of all young people.

Finally, we are creating an eco-system of world-class research organisations who will undertake further research on the data that the assessment programme will generate.

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