#BeeWell Needs You

At #BeeWell, we listen to young people’s voices, act together for change and celebrate young people’s wellbeing. We’re committed to improving your wellbeing, and we need your help to do this!  So how do young people get involved?

We listen.

The annual #BeeWell survey was created in partnership with more than 300 young people, so it really reflects what matters to you. It’s your opportunity to tell us how you feel about your life and the things that can make you feel better or worse. And it’s our opportunity to listen.  

We’ve already heard from over 60,000 young people, and we can’t wait to hear from more! 

We act.

#BeeWell tells our partners and your school (anonymously) what students have told us, so that they can all act to improve things and create new opportunities to boost your wellbeing. 

We also support young people to take action themselves by championing wellbeing, talking to politicians, and making important contributions as part of our influential Youth Steering Groups.

We celebrate.

It’s important that we make a difference. That’s why we celebrate our progress towards improving wellbeing every step of the way. Among other things, we celebrate through an annual Wellbeing Festival and by speaking up to increase understanding and appreciation of young people’s wellbeing.

We’re making sure young people’s wellbeing is seen as a priority and we can’t wait to do even more!  





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