Partner resources and activities

This page provides #BeeWell resources for schools and youth groups to run with young people, to get them involved with the #BeeWell programme in a creative way.

We would love to hear your thoughts if you have used these resources! Please contact us at 

#BeeWell – Being: new radio show for 2022 – our radio show made in collaboration with Reform Radio and created by young people for young people.

Bury Met Theatre Wellbeing Roleplays – This fantastic resource was produced as part of our #BeeWell Day creative commissions. This resources is a series of role plays that you can use with young people to explore their emotions and friendships. 

Spectrum Gaming: what makes me happy – A #BeeWell commission from the amazing Spectrum Gaming, an online community for autistic young people, focusing on what makes them happy and why ‘its good to be me’. This video can be used to begin a conversation on wellbeing and happiness.

You can find more ‘What Makes Me Happy’ videos from Spectrum Gaming here via our YouTube channel.

Reform Radio podcasts – You can look back to our #BeeWell Day ‘What makes me happy’ podcast commissions with Reform Radio here:

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

Domain and drivers zine – This zine explores the #BeeWell domains and drivers, used in the survey, in a clear way to share with young people.

House of Cards activity planCreative activity that explores mental health and wellbeing and expresses ideas generated through a visual form – each young persons A4 piece of work is used to create house of cards sculpture.

Videos from Phil Foden, Jesse Lingard and Ella Toone – Get your pupils excited about taking part in the #BeeWell survey with some words of encouragement from Manchester’s football stars!