November Newsletter

There are under five weeks left of this year’s #BeeWell survey window

This term, we have already heard from more young people than at this point in Year 1’s survey window, and are extremely grateful for the fantastic work schools have done to start their surveys and get involved in the programme.

The survey window will remain open until the 2nd December 2022. As we continue striving to make the wellbeing of young people everybody’s business, we are grateful for any efforts across Greater Manchester to enable, and encourage, young people’s voices to be heard. If you might be able to support us, please do get in touch.

The #BeeWell Youth Steering Group have written a manifesto! 

Over the summer, the #BeeWell Youth Steering Group began the process to set out their priorities and goals for the group over the next year. Together, they have come up with five manifesto pledges that they want the group to be known for and work towards:

  1. Put in effort to make sure young people have a safe space to speak
  2. Prepare younger and older generations to be open minded and inclusive
  3. Help people to be comfortable with and figure out who they truly are
  4. Spread awareness of mental health for future generations
  5. Advocate for adults to treat young people equally and with respect

You can find the full manifesto on the #BeeWell website, through our new Youth Voice & Research page!

#BeeWell updates and partner blogs 

Click the links below for updates from #BeeWell and our partners, all newly published throughout October!

  • We have published a summary of Renaisi’s pilot stakeholder survey, looking at how our partners have used the #BeeWell data so far
  • ImpactEd publish a new blog on the relationship between wellbeing and reading, using the #BeeWell data
  • The Shoopery publish a blog reflecting on what young people said about Letting Go at #BeeWell Festival

And, in case you missed it, we were delighted to share lots exciting research updates from our partners in our last newsletter, including analysis published by the Education Policy Institute. They have found correlations between neighbourhood characteristics and measures used in the #BeeWell survey. Following EPI’s research, significant updates have been made to the #BeeWell neighbourhood dashboard.


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