#BeeWell Prize

We are excited to share with #BeeWell schools across Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton the opportunity to be awarded £2000.


Five prizes of £2000 each will be awarded to schools that produce the best improvement plan, one in each area (Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton), and one for a special school.



Schools are asked to:

1) With pupils, devise an action plan focused on delivering improvements to at least one area of your #BeeWell data dashboard.


2) If you were one of the schools to win £2000, explain how this money could be used to add value to your action plan to improve young people’s wellbeing. This could be about additional actions in your school that would need extra funding, or could include reaching young people beyond your school, for example other young people in the local community or in another school. This needs to be additional to your core plan that you intend to implement regardless of your success in the competition.


The judging panel will include young volunteers from the #BeeWell youth steering group and other youth groups across the region. Steps will taken to prevent bias, e.g. entries will be anonymised or young people will be asked to abstain from discussions about schools in their LA area.


Please submit your response by 31 May 2024 to

Criteria on which the actions plans will be judged:

  1. Extent of pupil involvement in co-designing the action plan.
  2. Strength of the link to the school’s #BeeWell data.
  3. Deliverability in terms of timeliness, and affordability
  1. Impact – the extent of positive change it should make.
  2. Additional improvement activities to show how the £2000 prize fund would be spent, should the school win.


Prizes will be awarded at a celebratory event.

All participating schools will be invited to share progress and achievements over the coming months to inspire action and celebrate their young people’s wellbeing.