Support for Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provisions

To support Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provisions to deliver the #BeeWell survey, we have put extra support in place.

We know that there are additional barriers to deliver the survey when you have a fluid pupil population, and want to work with you during the Autumn term to ensure you receive the support you need to take part. This includes…


An extended parent/carer opt-out deadline

Whilst other schools are asked to send these in the summer term – due to the fluid student population this can be completed in September. A member of the #BeeWell team will be in touch to arrange when you should send out these forms, to align with when the survey will be delivered.

A more flexible survey window

We recognise how busy the school year is, and the challenges and uncertainties associated with a fluid student population. To account for this, the #BeeWell survey window has been extended to the end of the Autumn term. APs and PRUs can opt to begin their surveys after the half-term break, meaning that the most accurate, up to date information can be used to identify eligible pupils.

A more accessible survey

A short version of the #BeeWell survey, containing 32 items, has been created for non-mainstream school settings (including AP and PRU settings), accounting for a range of abilities and a shorter completion time. This version was developed in consultation with staff and pupils in non-mainstream school settings.

A symbol version

PRUs and APs can also access a symbol version of the #BeeWell survey where appropriate – school staff will be asked to identify which young people this may be suitable for.

Bespoke data sharing agreement

We will work with you to put in place a data sharing agreement, to ensure we have the most up to date pupil information and can provide you with a list of pupil passwords in time for young people to take part in the survey.

Contact Us

If you work at an Alternative Provision or Pupil Referral Unit in Greater Manchester and you’d like to get involved in #BeeWell, please contact us to see how we can support you.

What is #BeeWell?

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