Our People: David Ottiwell

David Ottiwell, Principal Researcher, Greater Manchester Combined Authority 

David Ottiwell

David Ottiwell is a Principal Researcher within the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Research Team, which produces high-quality research and intelligence to form the evidence base underpinning policy and strategy for the city region. David works on a range of topics relating to the reform of public services across Greater Manchester, with a particular focus on improving outcomes for children and young people. 

Since 2017, David has supported a range of projects set out in the Greater Manchester Children and Young People Plan, including the development of a dedicated Life Readiness survey which explores Year 10 pupils’ experience of growing up in Greater Manchester. In the last 12 months his team have also focused on supporting the specific aims and ambitions of the Young Person’s Guarantee, which aims to protect and progress young people’s futures following the devastating impacts of COVID-19. 

David has worked in the Combined Authority since its inception and in his earlier career worked for New Economy Manchester, AGMA and Greater Manchester Police.