2030 Vision


Where we started


Back in 2019, an initial £2m was raised to deliver a wellbeing survey across Greater Manchester secondary schools for three years. Co-created with young people, the survey has now been delivered annually since 2021 in over 180 Greater Manchester schools and we’ve heard from 60,000 young people. The published results have inspired decisive responses from young people, schools, coalition partners and local government; find out more here.



What’s next for #BeeWell


The #BeeWell programme – the largest of its kind in England – aims to become a national census so that as many young people as possible across the country can have their voices heard and inspire action to improve young people’s wellbeing.


In 2023, we are building on the success in Greater Manchester to also deliver the #BeeWell programme in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton. #BeeWell is working with local partners to refine and tailor the model to deliver the greatest impact locally.

We aim to measure young people’s wellbeing rigorously, regularly and consistently in every corner of the country. That’s why we’re delighted that the #BeeWell survey is being locally adapted, and delivered by partners, in three additional locations: the London Borough of Havering; Milton Keynes; and North Devon and Torridge, as shown on the map to the right. Find out more about how our partners are using the survey here.



Why #BeeWell’s vision matters


The wellbeing of young people across the UK remains substantially lower than peers internationally, and within the bottom 5% of countries surveyed. The evidence is clear that young people, their parents and wider society in the UK value and recognise the importance of young people’s wellbeing. It’s essential, therefore, to prioritise young people’s wellbeing, and in particular to:

(i) listen to young people, so that the issues they recognise as important can start to be addressed,


(ii) measure wellbeing rigorously, regularly and consistently, so that we can implement targeted solutions to overcome barriers to young people’s progress.

By sharing the data from this approach – privately to schools and publicly by neighbourhood – #BeeWell is facilitating the improvement of young people’s wellbeing by making it everybody’s business.


By embedding this approach in regions across England, #BeeWell aims to create a public policy agenda by 2030 that gives equal weight to both attainment and wellbeing and uses reliable data to inspire improved outcomes for both. 



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